“Ethnic cleansings in Jerusalem”

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Yes, indeed: Ethninc cleansings in Jerusalem. When? Now! At least if you listen to Anis, a german-palestinian “artist” and “journalist”.
Encountering the term “ethnic cleansing”, what do you think about? Mass killings? Deportations?

If Anis Hamadeh would be right, all this would be happening in Jerusalem, today. According to him, there is an ethnic cleansing going on today. The victims: the Palestinians. Such and other stupidity he is publishing in a text from early April.

The text includes so much evident falsehood, that calling it biased would be euphemistic. 700 000 Palestinians should have been systematically displaced in 1948.
There is no doubt that Palestinians have been displaced, but that this very action happened planed is a lie. Palestinians – in a situation of chaos, of war – fled. And some were expeled.

But many stayed. Anis does not tell his readers, that there is a big minority of 20% in the Jewish state. He also does not tell his readers, that Jews used to live in the West Bank until 1948. Then – between 1948 and 1967 while under Jordanian control – this area was all of a sudden judenrein. The same about the Old City of Jerusalem. Jews always lived there. But were expelled by the Arabs in 1948 (the Israeli Army only freed Jerusalem in 1967).

So, where an ethnic cleansing was commited?

But what makes Anis’ text disgusting are how he choses his words. For him the Jews are people that kill women and children. He draws a line from the War of Independence to the recent war in Gaze. Always there: The Jew that kills women and children.

Then he starts talking about the future. He predicts, that the Jewish state will collapse like “the aryan state” collapsed. Anis sees “amazing similarities in these two states”. And he goes on with his halluzinations in whiche the Israelis are not far from engaging in the Endlösung (final solution).


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