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Naomi Klein was in Israel to present her new book and visited the West Bank town Bil’in where protest against Israel’s security fence are held on a regular basis.

She reiterated her support of boycotting Israel explaining that

“Boycott is a tactic (…) we’re trying to create a dynamic which was the dynamic that ultimately ended apartheid in South Africa.”

Well, is that really what a boycott of Israel is about?

Israel is not an Apartheid state. Every Israeli citizen – Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Arab – has the same rights (Arabs ony do not have the obligation – they do not have to but can – to do military service.
So if this protest would not aim on bringing down a Apartheid that does not exist, on what does it aim?
It is aming on Israel. Israels existence is what the Antisemites cannot stand.
One question remains: If Klein supports a boycott of Israel, why does she publish and sell her book in Israel?!


Antisemitism and Antizionism: (2) Antisemitism without Antisemites

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The evil of the Shoa is obvious for everyone. Even the most vicious Antisemite has no other choice than to recognize that. Consequently he things that it is Auschwitz that disgraces his Antisemitism. On the other hand it gives him a chance: He can distance himself from the Shoa. That is based on the assumption that someone that condems Auschwitz cannot be an Antisemite. An illusion, but an effective one.

There was Antisemitism long before Auschwitz and among all Antisemitic actions the Shoa is an exception, the anthropogenic catastrophe.
Whether someone condems the Shoa or not does not say anything about his state of mind concerning Antisemitism. On the contrary: The fact that someone unasked has the need to condemn the Shoa, has the need to do this very obvious act and condemn the Shoa, is very close to a proof of his Antisemitism.
Would anybody think that a chauvinist, who argues that a man is allowed to beat his wife but assures everybody that he condemn rape, is not a chauvinist?

But Auschwitz does not only force the Antisemites of today to condemn what goes without saying for every sane persone, it also makes them insist on not being Antisemites, as well something given for everybody who actually is not. They do not want to be called what they are and feel the urge do dissociate themselves from it.

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Antisemitism and Antizionism: (1) When Antisemites dissociate themselves from Antisemitism

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In 1945 a German Jew returned to Germany. While waiting for a train in a station he had to use the bathroom and was looking for someone that could keep an eye on his suitecase.
He saw a man in the station, approached him and asked: “Excuse me Sir, are you an Antisemite?” The man was outraged and denied. The repatriate went on looking. He asked a couple the same question. They denied too, and were outraged. He went on. But everybody denied that they were Antisemites.
Finally he found a couple in their 40s that answered to his question: “Yes, of course we are Antisemites. We hate the Jews!”
The Jew then said: “Thank you! You are the first honest people I meet. Can you watch over my suitecase for a second?”

Of course that is a joke. But it would not be a joke, if it would not play with reality. After Auschwitz nobody calls himself Antisemite. Even if he is. Continue Reading Antisemitism and Antizionism: (1) When Antisemites dissociate themselves from Antisemitism…

Mr Squaller

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In this youtube video and the following parts you can see Norman Finkelstein in action.

Norman Finkelstein, the notorious Israel-hater. His obsession is the Arab-Israeli conflict, but only the Israeli side. He is not a historian, but a political scientist. Finkelstein is currently out of work, for what he blaims Dershowitz and the “Jewish lobby”.

Alan Dershowitz frequently publishes – “in print” as Noam Chomsky would say – to defend Israel against false or unjust accusations. He is also not a historian, but a lawyer and hence he produces advocacy. And that in a pretty good way.

Some years ago the two debated Dershowitz’ book “The Case for Israel” on a weird (notice the videos they show in the breaks) radio station. Here you can see Finkelstein in action. He is one squeaky wheel and has nothing to say about the book, only about the footnotes.

Antisemitism in the Middle East: North Africa

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A notorious explanation for Antisemitism in the Muslim world is the existence of the State of Israel and Zionism. Hence the victim is blamed for the offenders action, a common antisemitic argumentation.

The common notion about Antisemitism is that it was an exclusive European phenomenon that from there made its way to the Muslim world. However, that might not be true.

I am currently conducting research about Antisemitism in the Middle East. Since I am at the stage of looking for literature and sources I stumble over a lot of stuff.

Today I found a book (The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism, edited by Andrew Bostom, p. 468) with maps that point out antisemitic incidences in the Middle East under Muslim rule between 750 AD and 1900 AD.

Here are the incidences in North Africa (chronological): Continue Reading Antisemitism in the Middle East: North Africa…

Spreading the rumor

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Shaykh Salah from the Islamic Movement’s Northern Branch, that is active within Israel proper will not stop trying to spread hatred against Jews and to cause riots. Constantly he his claiming Israel plans to rebuild the Jewish Temple on Temple Mount and in order to do so wants to destroy al-Aqsa mosque and Haram al-Sharif. Or alternatively that the archaeological excavations are intended to destroy the Temple Mount.

The same you can here from the Palestinian media, the PA or the Mufti of Jerusalem. All pretend to know that Israel plans to destroy the Temple Mount.

All that has a long tradition. In 1929 the notorious Amin al-Husayni, Mufti of Jerusalem spread the rumor, that the Jews want to destroy the al-Aqsa mosque. He did so to stir anti-Jewish riots in which he succeeded. It led to riots against Jews all over the country in which 130 Jews were murdered in Hebron alone. The Jewish  community in Hebron dates back to biblical time.

Arabee – or: Which side are you on?

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Some weeks ago this article by David Kirschbaum was published at
It mixes the affections of many towards Arab despotism, which is also part of Palestinian society and the arguement about the establishment of a Palestinian state.

BUT I found the opinions portrayed intriguing and would recommend everyone to read.
How ever i do not agree, that there should not be a Palestinian state. It is in the very interest of Israel, much more in the interest of Israel than in the interest of the Palestinians, that there will be a Palestinian state.
Maybe it would be for the best, if the West Bank would become again part of Jordan and Gaza part of Egypt. But I doubt the Jordanians or the Egyptians want to take that trouble.

(…) ASSUME THE FOLLOWING: The Jews have 21 largely despotic states stretching over 13,000,000 square miles with a population of over 300 million. Most of these Jewish states prohibit any religion other than Judaism. In fact, virtually all Arabs – close to 900,000 – were expelled from these Jewish countries and their property seized. The Jews allow their own people few freedoms, with most women treated abominably. Continue Reading Arabee – or: Which side are you on?…

Abbas’ speech

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Obama spoke, Natanyahu spoke. When will Abbas make his speech in which he will commit himself to the two-state-solution?

It might sound funny, but he should do that as well. This commitment will not be seen as a positiv action among the Palestinians. But now would be the right time. He could introduce the Palestinians to reality.

Abbas should clearly point out, that he is in favour of the two-state-solution. While he – of course – always talks about a Palestinian state, he has not done this yet. And building a Palestinian state does not necessarily mean that there should be a Judenstaat.

Bibi in Bar Ilan

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Now he said it. Israeli PM Netanyahu said that he supports the establishment of a Palestinian state. By saying so, he just repeated, what he already said more than ten years ago. He commited himself to something other Israeli PMs had said before. And since Israel is a democracy (I don not have to stress, that it is the only one in the region), actions, declarations, contracts, whatsoever made by the previous governments apply for the succeeding governments too, of course.

However concerning this Palestinian state to be he has some restrictions: It should be demilitarized and the Palestinians should accept Israel as the Jewish homeland. Both things that Abbas immediately described as a act of sabotage agains the peace process.

Concerning the peace talks a immigration of Palestinians to Israel will be out of the question. As well as he stressed that Jerusalem will remain the undivided capital of Israel.

Abbas outrage is not much of a surprise. While Netanyahu wants to meet and talk, Abbas does not want that. Would he be rational, he would know that an agreement that would include an immigration of 5 million Palestinians to Israel will never be made and that Israel will not give up Jerusalem. Do bad were the experiences when Jerusalem was conquered by the Arab Legion.

Netanyahu made his step, others will have to follow. It is unlikely that they will do.

Because the big questions is:   Do the Palestinians really want their own state!?

Arabia judenrein

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Yemens Jewish community dates back to biblical time. But as it seems, soon Yemen will be judenrein.
Yesterday night I stumbled over this piece, surprisingly in the Guardian. And since it is forbidden for Jews to set a foot on Saudi soil, there will soon be no Jew left on the Arabian peninsula.
Until yesterday I thought, that one day I might go to Yemen and pay them a visit. Well, I thought so until yesterday.

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