Bibi in Bar Ilan

June 14, 2009 at 11:47 pm | Posted in Arab-Israeli conflict, Israel, Palestinians | Leave a comment

Now he said it. Israeli PM Netanyahu said that he supports the establishment of a Palestinian state. By saying so, he just repeated, what he already said more than ten years ago. He commited himself to something other Israeli PMs had said before. And since Israel is a democracy (I don not have to stress, that it is the only one in the region), actions, declarations, contracts, whatsoever made by the previous governments apply for the succeeding governments too, of course.

However concerning this Palestinian state to be he has some restrictions: It should be demilitarized and the Palestinians should accept Israel as the Jewish homeland. Both things that Abbas immediately described as a act of sabotage agains the peace process.

Concerning the peace talks a immigration of Palestinians to Israel will be out of the question. As well as he stressed that Jerusalem will remain the undivided capital of Israel.

Abbas outrage is not much of a surprise. While Netanyahu wants to meet and talk, Abbas does not want that. Would he be rational, he would know that an agreement that would include an immigration of 5 million Palestinians to Israel will never be made and that Israel will not give up Jerusalem. Do bad were the experiences when Jerusalem was conquered by the Arab Legion.

Netanyahu made his step, others will have to follow. It is unlikely that they will do.

Because the big questions is:   Do the Palestinians really want their own state!?


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