Antisemitism and Antizionism: (1) When Antisemites dissociate themselves from Antisemitism

June 24, 2009 at 5:29 pm | Posted in Antisemitism / Antizionism | Leave a comment

In 1945 a German Jew returned to Germany. While waiting for a train in a station he had to use the bathroom and was looking for someone that could keep an eye on his suitecase.
He saw a man in the station, approached him and asked: “Excuse me Sir, are you an Antisemite?” The man was outraged and denied. The repatriate went on looking. He asked a couple the same question. They denied too, and were outraged. He went on. But everybody denied that they were Antisemites.
Finally he found a couple in their 40s that answered to his question: “Yes, of course we are Antisemites. We hate the Jews!”
The Jew then said: “Thank you! You are the first honest people I meet. Can you watch over my suitecase for a second?”

Of course that is a joke. But it would not be a joke, if it would not play with reality. After Auschwitz nobody calls himself Antisemite. Even if he is.

With Auschwitz, this term has become inappropriate for Antisemites. Even for those who have a positive oppinion about the Shoa. Who wants to identify himself with massmurder and genocide?!

But not only that. Even if others call an Antisemite an Antisemite, telling what he is, he will insist and argue, that he is not an Antisemite.
Instead many Antisemites call themself Antizionists. All Antizionists are Antisemites. Though not not all Antisemites call themselves like that.

Antisemitism is alive and kicking. And Antizionism is neither something else than Antisemitism nor a variation of it.
Antizionism is just another name for Antisemitism.


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