Antisemitism and Antizionism: (2) Antisemitism without Antisemites

June 26, 2009 at 4:16 pm | Posted in Antisemitism / Antizionism | 2 Comments

The evil of the Shoa is obvious for everyone. Even the most vicious Antisemite has no other choice than to recognize that. Consequently he things that it is Auschwitz that disgraces his Antisemitism. On the other hand it gives him a chance: He can distance himself from the Shoa. That is based on the assumption that someone that condems Auschwitz cannot be an Antisemite. An illusion, but an effective one.

There was Antisemitism long before Auschwitz and among all Antisemitic actions the Shoa is an exception, the anthropogenic catastrophe.
Whether someone condems the Shoa or not does not say anything about his state of mind concerning Antisemitism. On the contrary: The fact that someone unasked has the need to condemn the Shoa, has the need to do this very obvious act and condemn the Shoa, is very close to a proof of his Antisemitism.
Would anybody think that a chauvinist, who argues that a man is allowed to beat his wife but assures everybody that he condemn rape, is not a chauvinist?

But Auschwitz does not only force the Antisemites of today to condemn what goes without saying for every sane persone, it also makes them insist on not being Antisemites, as well something given for everybody who actually is not. They do not want to be called what they are and feel the urge do dissociate themselves from it.

Recently I discovered, that my university’s library has subscribed to a Nazi newspaper from Germany. You would not expect that in Israel, would you? (I wonder what the guy’s from Deutsche Stimme – that is the newspaper, affiliated with the NPD – think about that.)
In the last issue they wrote about a leading representative of NPD (a MoP in the parliament of a federal state) who is prosecuted by the authorities for calling Germany a “Judenrepublik” (sounds like Judenstaat, huh?!), a republic of Jews.
The fact that he is now being prosecuted for calling Germany a “Judenrepublik” made him comment on that. He said the prosecution shows, that it is not allowed to criticize “diese Bevölkerungsgruppe” (this population group) and insisted instantly that criticizing Jews is not Antisemitism.
What is the point of his “critic” against the Jews by calling Germany a Judenrepublik? Would he call it a banana republic and afterwards say that he criticized bananas? It is very obvious that he meant to say that Germany is controlled by the Jews one of the most classical Antisemitic notions – the Jews that controll everythink. Part of the Perpetomobile of Antisemitism. Because the very fact that he is prosecuted for his stupidity will just make him say, that it proofs what he said.

This is a common notion among Antisemites, but no serious person ever said that criticizing one Jew or a group of Jews or Israel or Judaism is Antisemitism (more about this soon). This Antisemite tried to disguise his Antisemitism as a usual critic and foremost needed to say that his critic cannot be qualified as Antisemitism. But why is he so keen to dissociate himself from Antisemitism? Because he was caught with the pants down. It is as if a young boy is caught with the hand in the candy box tells his mother who caught him, that he just wanted to see if there all candies are still in the box.

It is not surprising. Also Antisemites have a conscience. And their conscience tells them when they misbehaved. But instead of admitting misbehaviour, they writhe and try to squirm out of the situation and just get deeper into the mess.

Before Auschwitz Antisemites were not embarrassed of presenting themselves openly as what they are. They proudly called themselves Antisemites, they established Antisemitic parties, councils, meetings, published books and newspapers and named themselves and their products according to what they were: Antisemitic.
Today Antisemites have gone underground, theoretically and only for themselves. They believe – and I think many of them really believe it – that they are not Antisemites.
Thence we face the era of “Antisemitism without Antisemites” today.



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