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June 27, 2009 at 11:48 am | Posted in Antisemitism / Antizionism, Arab-Israeli conflict | Leave a comment

Naomi Klein was in Israel to present her new book and visited the West Bank town Bil’in where protest against Israel’s security fence are held on a regular basis.

She reiterated her support of boycotting Israel explaining that

“Boycott is a tactic (…) we’re trying to create a dynamic which was the dynamic that ultimately ended apartheid in South Africa.”

Well, is that really what a boycott of Israel is about?

Israel is not an Apartheid state. Every Israeli citizen – Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Arab – has the same rights (Arabs ony do not have the obligation – they do not have to but can – to do military service.
So if this protest would not aim on bringing down a Apartheid that does not exist, on what does it aim?
It is aming on Israel. Israels existence is what the Antisemites cannot stand.
One question remains: If Klein supports a boycott of Israel, why does she publish and sell her book in Israel?!


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