A trip through the West Bank

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On Shabes I got up really early, took a Minibus to Jerusalem and from Damascus gate a bus to Ramallah. And from Ramallah a Minibus to Yericho. We pretended to be tourist from Poland and Germany on a visit to the Holy Land.

In Yericho there is not so much to see. They have an old city, but that is not more than a few humps of sand and stones. Maybe interesting for archeologist. There were two Americans (I guess archeology students) who looked intensely on all that sand and apparently saw something in it. I heard one saying something about stairs…. Continue Reading A trip through the West Bank…


Maping Palestine in minds

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I will present some maps and give a brief explanation, from a historical point of view.


The second map shows something that never existed in reality. It shows the political landscape according to the UN partition plan. The very plan that the Arabs did not accept and the Jews did accept. Two states. An Arab state for Arabs and a Jewish state for Jews and Arabs. Continue Reading Maping Palestine in minds…

Human Rights patch

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Human Rights Watch is often accused of being anti-Israeli, producing biased reports about Israeli actions and ingoring vast Human Rights violations in many other countries. Their reports on the last wars in Lebanon and Gaza or about Israel in general might show that or not – depending if you are willing to be critical about them. But now they themselves have done something point that out.

A fundraising group of HRW went to Saudi Arabia to meet state officials in order to make them become donors. Quite insane, isn’t it? A Human Rights Organisation meets with officials to one of the severe Human Rights violaters to get money from them to protect Human Rights. And what do they do there? Continue Reading Human Rights patch…

European taxpayers

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The European Commission stated that Israel’s settlement policy strangles the Palestinian economy and complained that the European taxpayers are paying the price of that. That is because the Palestinians rely on help from the EU.

Is that so? Or is merely the unwillingness of the Palestinians to make peace with Israel causing the EU to support them which makes the European taxpayers pay!?

Maybe the Europeans should turn it up-side-down and put it straight: If they would stop supporting the Palestinians the latter would have to make an effort and make commitments. Commitments to peace. Finally.

George 2U Bush

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Found this on the Freunde der offenen Gesellschaft blog.

Two cases

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(1) Today the so called Zada trial started. The charge is against 12 Arab-Israelis for lynching a Jewish-Israeli after the latter murdered 4 Arab-Israelis. They had him disarmed but instead of handing him over to the police they beat him to death. Forces on the spot could not prevent them from doing so. Well actually they could have, but then they would have needed to use their weapons against them, what they did not do.
Arab-Israeli are protesting against the trial against those who killed the murderer after he was overpowered calling it a “political trial”.

(2) The Israeli High Court ruled to retry an Israeli soldier for the shooting (a rubber bullet in the leg) of a handcuffed and blindfolded, arrested Palestinian on more severe charges. The High Court’s decision followed a petitition that was filed by the victim of the shooting and several Israeli human rights organisations.

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