ARD and Dershowitz

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1. A link to a almost one year old video by ARD (German state TV channel) concerning last winter’s Gaza war:

00:39-01:02 min: “civilians” with assault rifles

02:05-02:20 min: Palestinian working for German television channel says he is afraid terrorist might fire rockets from his roof

03:40-04:00 min: journalist attacked by Palestinian terrorists

2. Dershowitz on Goldstone.


Swiss minarets

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Yesterday Israeli radio news reported about the vote in Switzerland, banning the building of minarets on mosques. Ironically I was passing the Hassan Bek mosque between central Tel Aviv and Yafo at the very moment. This mosque is located right in the middle of Tel Aviv, next to the beach where yesterday many Muslims were celebrating Eid al Adha. On the other side of the street is the Dolphinarium, a club. In 2001 a Palestinian terrorist killed 21 young Israelis who were waiting in line to enter. There was a rumor that the terrorist did hide in the mosque before he started the murdering. Since he killed himself in the terrorist attack, nobody knows for sure. Continue Reading Swiss minarets…


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I don’t get the UN. Everytime when Israel builds some houses on disputed land, the UN chief condemns that.

Yet, people in Sudan are murdered every day but he doesn’t talk about it. Is it really worse to build a house on land that – as many argue – belongs to the Palestinians than killing 300 000 Africans?

Does this bigotery have anyuthing to do with the fact that in one action Jews are involved?

A state

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The PLO has come up with the idea of declaring a Palestinian state. One should wonder, why it took them more than 60 years to come up with that, but that is an old hat.

But the questions remains: How can they declare a state without having sovereignty? Gaza is under the control of Hamas, and most of the West Bank is under the control of the Israeli Army.

In 1948 there was a chance to declare an Arab state in Mandatory Palestine. It was rejected, because the Arabs could not accept a Jewish state in Palestine. Eventually Gaza was ruled by Egypt and the West Bank by Jordan. No attempts by Palestinians were made to gain statehood, or even independence from these Arab states, not even some sort of autonomy. In the war of 1967 Jordan and Egypt lost these territories to Israel and Israel has now the problem that they bring with them.

The PLO can declare a Palestinian state. But what do they gain if this declaration will not be transported to reality?

Antisemitism and Antizionism: (3) Antisemitism without Jews

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I talked about todays Antisemitism that seems to get along without Antisemites. At least if you would ask the latter. It is quite understandable that they do not want to be called Antisemites though they are. 

One of the challenging phenomena of Antisemitism is Antisemitism without Jews. Apparently Antisemitism can emerge, exist without Jews. This is not a new phenomenon. Even Herzl wrote about that in Der Judenstaat. Arguing for the need of a Jewish State, stating that emigration to other countries is no solution. Since – even if there are no Jews living yet – the Antisemites are already living there. Continue Reading Antisemitism and Antizionism: (3) Antisemitism without Jews…

International morals

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I have some problems with international law. I do not see the system of international law meeting the basic standards a system of law requires to meet. It misses an executive branch to sanction illegal acts, an independent court and there a democratic body (although you do not necessarily need a democratic body) to produce laws.

Therefore I prefer to call it “International Moral”. In moral systems the violation of the moral code is not followed by sanctions sentenced by a body.

Continue Reading International morals…

Religion and State I

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It is amazing to see Westerners talk about Islam. It is interesting how they see Islam, from this very Christian perspective, although mostly they are probably atheists. 
Westerners anticipate that there is a modern Islam somewhere, well at least they think, that there should be something like that. And if not than there should be a reformation in Islam like there was one in Christianity and out of this should follow a more modern Islam with a divison between Religion and State.

It shows how little they understand of Islam and even of Christianity and the Reformation.

Continue Reading Religion and State I…

“This is the end of the Jewish Diaspora of Yemen. That’s it.”

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I mentioned it some time ago: It is most likely that Yemen will soon be judenrein. Now some more Yemenite Jews have left Yemen – after 2500 years there – because life was made unbearable for them. Last year a Yemenite Jew was murdered because he dismissed demands to convert to Islam

Islam used to do be a civilization that does not persecute religious minorities of the monotheistic religions. Whereas Christianity persecuted just everybody. Under Islam Jews and Christians were second class citizens, but they were in some way protected, although acts of violents were not uncommon, and they had to pay a special tex. I really wonder what happened, that all that changed. Why is Islam declining and declining and no end in sight?

What went wrong?

Violence toward the country’s small remaining Jewish community began to intensify last year, when one of its most prominent members was gunned down outside his house. But the mission also hastens the demise of one of the oldest remaining Jewish communities in the Arab world.

Jews are believed to have reached what is now Yemen more than 2,500 years ago as traders for King Solomon. They survived — and at times thrived — over centuries of change, including the spread of Islam across the Arabian Peninsula.

“They were one of the oldest exiled groups out of Israel,” says Hayim Tawil, a Yeshiva University professor who is an expert on Yemeni Jewry. “This is the end of the Jewish Diaspora of Yemen. That’s it.”

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