International morals

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I have some problems with international law. I do not see the system of international law meeting the basic standards a system of law requires to meet. It misses an executive branch to sanction illegal acts, an independent court and there a democratic body (although you do not necessarily need a democratic body) to produce laws.

Therefore I prefer to call it “International Moral”. In moral systems the violation of the moral code is not followed by sanctions sentenced by a body.

Now there is the Goldstone Report, a commission to do fact finding about alleged war crimes in Gaza, whose report just shows how bad the situation of international law really is. It is used in a political struggle to gain the upper hand.

Moshe Halbertal has written an extraordinary article about the Goldstone Report, summarizing all the biases and putting it into the big picture (found on Yaacov Lozowick’s blog, a blog recommended to start the day with).

The Goldstone Report as a whole is a terrible document. It is biased and unfair. It offers no help in sorting out the real issues. What methods can Israel–and other countries in similar situations–legitimately apply in the defense of their citizens?

But even better is Yaacov Lozowick’s essay about the Goldstone report. I really should not say anything and just recommend to read his article.

The methodology chosen by the Fact Finding Mission can be compared to a hypothetical fact finding mission wandering between Vietnamese villages in 1976, trying to understand the events of the war by asking villagers under the watchful eyes of communist handlers. The result would have been intellectually worthless, but most people wouldn’t have read the report anyway, convinced they knew the truth anyway. This is exactly what’s happening to the Goldstone Report. Its findings are useless and most people aren’t reading them anyway, but they’re being embraced or rejected according to political camp.

And here is an article about one of the alleged crimes in particular.


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