Antisemitism and Antizionism: (3) Antisemitism without Jews

November 15, 2009 at 12:48 pm | Posted in Antisemitism / Antizionism, Arab-Israeli conflict, Germany, Islam, Israel | Leave a comment

I talked about todays Antisemitism that seems to get along without Antisemites. At least if you would ask the latter. It is quite understandable that they do not want to be called Antisemites though they are. 

One of the challenging phenomena of Antisemitism is Antisemitism without Jews. Apparently Antisemitism can emerge, exist without Jews. This is not a new phenomenon. Even Herzl wrote about that in Der Judenstaat. Arguing for the need of a Jewish State, stating that emigration to other countries is no solution. Since – even if there are no Jews living yet – the Antisemites are already living there.

Today large areas of the world are judenrein. And in the most other areas Jews are a very very small minority. That applies at least for most countries in the Middle East. The Arabian Peninsula is basically judenrein. With the exception of less than 200 Jews still living in Yemen where they are persecuted by the majority society and have to live isolated and with protection of the government that is also not well-disposed to them. Iraq, Jordan are judenrein. In Syria and Egypt there are still around 100 Jews living which means less than 0.05% of the population are Jews. Most of the Arabs that live today and do not live in Israel have never met and will probably never in their life meet a Jew. But Antisemitism is alive and kicking there. One can even get the impression that Antisemitism is the more present the less the Jews are.

Antisemitism is a vital part of the Arab societies throughout the Middle East. Every day the people there are being fed with Antisemitic ressentiments of all kinds by the media, the government, the cleric. Traditional Islamic Antisemitism gets “enriched” with Antisemitic topoi that usually are found in Europe. But the people here usually do not know Jews.

Israel the Judenstaat is here, that is true. But that does not explain Antisemitism. Because Antisemitism was here before Israel. And if Israel would be the cause, why would anybody besides the Palestinians be Antisemitic.

But even if you look at Europe. Take Germany. Most Germans do not know any Jew. Yet Antisemitic resentments are widely spread. Often you can find people who would tell you, that they are open minded, liberal and so on that would reject having any Antisemitic tendency. They remember the murdered Jews of the Shoa, attend demonstrations against Racism and Antisemitism. Yet the murdered Jews of the Shoa seem to be the only Jews they know and care about. If it comes to living Jews, if it comes to Israel they will show some other opinions. Suddenly there are the Jews who kill women and children. There are the Jews who steal the land of others. There are the Jews who think they are something special. There are the Jews who are now doing to others what was done to them. And if you would tell them, that they do not reflect the realty but rather transpire Antisemitism you get the allegation that it is apparently not allowed to criticize Israel. And that is just another Antisemitic topos.


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