Swiss minarets

November 30, 2009 at 12:02 pm | Posted in Islam | Leave a comment

Yesterday Israeli radio news reported about the vote in Switzerland, banning the building of minarets on mosques. Ironically I was passing the Hassan Bek mosque between central Tel Aviv and Yafo at the very moment. This mosque is located right in the middle of Tel Aviv, next to the beach where yesterday many Muslims were celebrating Eid al Adha. On the other side of the street is the Dolphinarium, a club. In 2001 a Palestinian terrorist killed 21 young Israelis who were waiting in line to enter. There was a rumor that the terrorist did hide in the mosque before he started the murdering. Since he killed himself in the terrorist attack, nobody knows for sure.

I mention this mosque because in Israel – which suffers from Islamic terrorism for quite somee time – it is no question that mosques are part of public live. Vandalism againsty mosques is a serious crime wich is persecuted.

The Swiss population voted against minarets on mosques in a direct democratic decision. I doubt that it is the minarets on mosques the Swiss have a problem with. Probably they fear Islam as a political power. This might be exaggerated – or not.  But they do, the majority does.

Astonishing is the reaction of the Swiss Green party. They plan to address the European Court of Human Rights and expect him to turn down the vote. You can see that as a desperate move to turn down a decision they do not like at all and which they qualify as a violation of the freedom of believe (are the minarets really part of the believe?). But it is also an attack on the Swiss democracy.

Can a court turn down the decision of the sovereign?

In addition many Swiss politicans recommended to vote against banning minarets and argued that it would harm economical interests. That is Western Europe in the 21st. Human rights, relations with totalitarian regimes, the behavior towards Readical Islam are not a question of principel, but of money.


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