Israelis, settlers and Palestinians

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What happens if Israel’s army shoots three guys that trying to cross from Gaza into Israel to do some rather not nice things? And what happens if Israel’s army shoots the three guys that killed an Israeli last week?

Everybody is enraged and warns that now Israel is risking the fragile peace. Yaacov Lozowick has it in details: here and here.

What is surprising about the terrorists/murderers: they were part of Fatah’s (that are Abbas’ buddies) military wing. Apparently nobody is irritated by that.

True, they signed an agreement they would give up armed struggle for which Israel granted them amnesty. Apparently they had second thoughts.

Moshe Elad argues that Abbas was involved, in some way.

While the journalist let you in the dark about the killed Palestinians affiliations and actions (that would be a murder and an attempt to murder more), they have to tell you that the Israeli who was killed was a settler. Why does that matter? Is killing a settler something else than killing a non-settler?


forgotten palestinians and iran

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the forgotten palestinian refugees

there’s only one way to stop iran

anti-judaism, anti-semitism, anti-zionism

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I usually do not tend to tell people what to get and read. Everybody wants to do so can go to a nearby library and find what he wants and needs. But recently I stumbled upon some intriguing literature. And given that a considerable part of this blog deals with Anti-Semitism, Anti-Zionism and Radical Islam, I while do so anyway:

Lewis, Bernard. “Semites and anti-Semites,” in Bernard Lewis,”Islam in History.”

Sivan, Emmanuel. “Islamic Fundamentalism and Antisemitism.”

A symposium on antisemitism and Anti-Zionism: held at the van leer Institute, Jerusalem, November 1st, 1982 / chairman: Yehuda Bauer ; lecturers: Shlomo Avineri, Robert Wistrich.

Radical Islam, the DVD and the VCR

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Radical Islam wants to restore Islamic order. That means that Islam should be the system according to which people in the Muslim world will have to organize their daily life. This was more or less the case for about 1300 years untill the end of the Ottoman Empire. In all these years Islamic society did develope and change. It was far away from being static. Several empires followed each other taking over power with violent means. But: Islam was always dominating the society.

But with the end of the Ottoman Empire and the rise of Nationalism in the Muslim world and the subsequent forming of modern national states this Islamic order ended. Continue Reading Radical Islam, the DVD and the VCR…

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