Radical Islam, the DVD and the VCR

December 1, 2009 at 10:10 pm | Posted in Islam | 3 Comments

Radical Islam wants to restore Islamic order. That means that Islam should be the system according to which people in the Muslim world will have to organize their daily life. This was more or less the case for about 1300 years untill the end of the Ottoman Empire. In all these years Islamic society did develope and change. It was far away from being static. Several empires followed each other taking over power with violent means. But: Islam was always dominating the society.

But with the end of the Ottoman Empire and the rise of Nationalism in the Muslim world and the subsequent forming of modern national states this Islamic order ended. Now the ruler was not longer the highest religious representative. Islamic law, that – although not solely – used to be the law, was exchanged or at least overruled by modern laws or applied through human made laws. A system that used to influence every aspect of daily life – Islam – was reduced to a matter of individual choice. In Syria under the Bath regime this went so far that female Bath members harassed Muslim women and took of their veils by force.

Radical Islam, Islamists want to get back to a state where Islamic order is the order of society. They even go so far that they discredit the long periods of Ottoman rule and want to return to the order of the very early period of Islam. They do not want to life like the early Muslims if it comes to technology. But they want the social order of that time. But they are still very modern. They are very much influenced by the West (what they would deny). By saying that, I do not mean thath they use cell phones or the internet. I mean that their way of thinking how to get Islamic order in play is modern. The very idea of a group taking over power and installing an order they claim is Islamic is contradictiong classical Islam. Islam as a culture is something that has do be lived by Muslims and not impossed on them. In a western democracy where a body decides what is the law this might work. But Islamic law is not a set of rules decided by a governmental body but a tradition.

That is why the Islamists – in other words – are doing this:

They digitalized an old movie, they consider to be a classic everybody should see, and burned it on a DVD. And now they try to push this DVD in a VCR.

They use very modern means to transport an old way of life. But by doing this they make it incompatible.



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  1. I agree with you completely. Why do they want to rollback the transformation that Islam has gone through over centuries? It was for the good of Islam and its followers only…
    Please feel free to comment on my blog.

  2. jesus. why are you writing in your blog in english, when you can in reality not express yourself in that language very well. i must stop reading after the first sentence, because of that I can not say something to your content.

    • the thing is:
      מיט אלע די לשון אין מיין קעפל און צוליב אז איך שרייב גיך קען עס געשיין אז עס שטייט דא עפעס געשריבן וואס איז אפשר נישט אזוי גערעכט גראמאטיקליש

      gosh. i am writing (on) my blog in english, although in reality i cannot express myself very well in this language. i do so that you have to stop reading after the very first sentence and because of that you cannot say anything about the content of my text.

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