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Yesterday safta Reuma received a certificat from bituach leumi stating she is 100 years old.

In fact she is probably some years older. But back in Sanaa they didn’t issue birth certificates, a 100 years ago. So when her passport was issued it was decided that she was born on 1.1.1910.

She has six children, 24 grandchildren and 15 grandchildren, so far. (Actually she had more children: two children were kidnapped in Israel and part of the kidnapped Yemenite children; one child was killed by a British soldier, because he felt like; one was killed by a snake; and one or two died in Yemen.)

She came to Israel before there was Israel as a state, by foot from Yemen.


Approval of the Arab League

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According to the official, however, the US administration is now pressing the PA to move on to direct negotiations.

“We’re under pressure to agree to direct negotiations with Israel,” the official said.

“Such a move requires the approval of the Arab League.”


The Little General does not like Spain

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The game between Argentina and Germany had been on Shabat so that I could not see. But the Little General did let me know about what happened and she was enthusiastic about it. When I saw it on Sunday morning I could understand. Yesterday the Little General was outraged. She mentioned several times, how she is hating Spain now. And added “beetzem, I hate the Israelis who are with Spain.”

I haven’t been to Germany for some time, so I can only rely on what is going on their by reading the news and by talking to friends, but in recent years international football tournaments have revitalized a public form of German nationalism which you would not have see some years ago by ordinary people.

In the German team there a quite a few Germans with a migration background. This feds up far right nationalists (Nazis) who thing that this is a bad development and which makes them turn away from the national football team. On the other hand also immigrants cheer the team and express nationalism, waving flags etc. This (nationalism) however feds up leftists and causes tensions.

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