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The little general felt uncomfortable this morning. “The whole world hates us, the whole world are anti-Semites.” I did not know what she was talking about. But then I heard it on the radio too. Several died when Israeli forces took control over some ships aiding for Gaza. The little general ordered me to check what German media is reporting, are they biased, do they report accurate? Well, some are, few do. Mostly they just copied and pasted agency reports. And the foreign minister had the urge to make a statement about proportionality before it was even clear what happened. He did that when even the Israeli media was not clear about what was happened.

Back home after a long day in university (4 hours) I saw the footage of the Israeli forces, showing a mob that tried to lynch Israeli soldiers (or how should I call it when 5 to 10 people beat a person lying on the ground with iron rods?). By the way: what where these rods doing there in the first place? On the ship of “peace/humanitarian/human rights activists”?

The little general did not stop to see the news report. On 4 of 5 Israeli public channels, non-stop. I had enough. I was rebuked, that this is important and that the world needs to know, that this was not Israel’s fault. I insisted that this is what people want to hear and that the truth will not convince them.

Eventually I watched “The Fugitive”. 1993’s blockbuster. And Dr. Kimble still made it. Everybody thought he was guilty and he was sentenced to death. But there were some that did care about the truth and in the end the truth came out of the darkness in which it hides and the one everybody blamed for murder was proven innocent, chaf mipesha.



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I wasn”t blogging for quite some time. Some old stuff might come up here first….

Between one and 27 individuals were involved in killing a Hamas terrorist in his hotel room in Dubai, according to the police of the Dubai regime. None of them got caught so far. And they used fake passports, of course.

Still – without any proof at all – the Dubai police accuses Israel for the killing and even asks Israel to help them to identify those involved. But who would expect else from Dubai.

What is striking is the adaption by European journalist. They all take it as taken, that the Hamas terrorist was killed by Israel. Without any proof.

anti-judaism, anti-semitism, anti-zionism

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I usually do not tend to tell people what to get and read. Everybody wants to do so can go to a nearby library and find what he wants and needs. But recently I stumbled upon some intriguing literature. And given that a considerable part of this blog deals with Anti-Semitism, Anti-Zionism and Radical Islam, I while do so anyway:

Lewis, Bernard. “Semites and anti-Semites,” in Bernard Lewis,”Islam in History.”

Sivan, Emmanuel. “Islamic Fundamentalism and Antisemitism.”

A symposium on antisemitism and Anti-Zionism: held at the van leer Institute, Jerusalem, November 1st, 1982 / chairman: Yehuda Bauer ; lecturers: Shlomo Avineri, Robert Wistrich.


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I don’t get the UN. Everytime when Israel builds some houses on disputed land, the UN chief condemns that.

Yet, people in Sudan are murdered every day but he doesn’t talk about it. Is it really worse to build a house on land that – as many argue – belongs to the Palestinians than killing 300 000 Africans?

Does this bigotery have anyuthing to do with the fact that in one action Jews are involved?

Antisemitism and Antizionism: (3) Antisemitism without Jews

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I talked about todays Antisemitism that seems to get along without Antisemites. At least if you would ask the latter. It is quite understandable that they do not want to be called Antisemites though they are. 

One of the challenging phenomena of Antisemitism is Antisemitism without Jews. Apparently Antisemitism can emerge, exist without Jews. This is not a new phenomenon. Even Herzl wrote about that in Der Judenstaat. Arguing for the need of a Jewish State, stating that emigration to other countries is no solution. Since – even if there are no Jews living yet – the Antisemites are already living there. Continue Reading Antisemitism and Antizionism: (3) Antisemitism without Jews…

“This is the end of the Jewish Diaspora of Yemen. That’s it.”

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I mentioned it some time ago: It is most likely that Yemen will soon be judenrein. Now some more Yemenite Jews have left Yemen – after 2500 years there – because life was made unbearable for them. Last year a Yemenite Jew was murdered because he dismissed demands to convert to Islam

Islam used to do be a civilization that does not persecute religious minorities of the monotheistic religions. Whereas Christianity persecuted just everybody. Under Islam Jews and Christians were second class citizens, but they were in some way protected, although acts of violents were not uncommon, and they had to pay a special tex. I really wonder what happened, that all that changed. Why is Islam declining and declining and no end in sight?

What went wrong?

Violence toward the country’s small remaining Jewish community began to intensify last year, when one of its most prominent members was gunned down outside his house. But the mission also hastens the demise of one of the oldest remaining Jewish communities in the Arab world.

Jews are believed to have reached what is now Yemen more than 2,500 years ago as traders for King Solomon. They survived — and at times thrived — over centuries of change, including the spread of Islam across the Arabian Peninsula.

“They were one of the oldest exiled groups out of Israel,” says Hayim Tawil, a Yeshiva University professor who is an expert on Yemeni Jewry. “This is the end of the Jewish Diaspora of Yemen. That’s it.”

Maping Palestine in minds

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I will present some maps and give a brief explanation, from a historical point of view.


The second map shows something that never existed in reality. It shows the political landscape according to the UN partition plan. The very plan that the Arabs did not accept and the Jews did accept. Two states. An Arab state for Arabs and a Jewish state for Jews and Arabs. Continue Reading Maping Palestine in minds…

Human Rights patch

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Human Rights Watch is often accused of being anti-Israeli, producing biased reports about Israeli actions and ingoring vast Human Rights violations in many other countries. Their reports on the last wars in Lebanon and Gaza or about Israel in general might show that or not – depending if you are willing to be critical about them. But now they themselves have done something point that out.

A fundraising group of HRW went to Saudi Arabia to meet state officials in order to make them become donors. Quite insane, isn’t it? A Human Rights Organisation meets with officials to one of the severe Human Rights violaters to get money from them to protect Human Rights. And what do they do there? Continue Reading Human Rights patch…

Very klein

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Naomi Klein was in Israel to present her new book and visited the West Bank town Bil’in where protest against Israel’s security fence are held on a regular basis.

She reiterated her support of boycotting Israel explaining that

“Boycott is a tactic (…) we’re trying to create a dynamic which was the dynamic that ultimately ended apartheid in South Africa.”

Well, is that really what a boycott of Israel is about?

Israel is not an Apartheid state. Every Israeli citizen – Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Arab – has the same rights (Arabs ony do not have the obligation – they do not have to but can – to do military service.
So if this protest would not aim on bringing down a Apartheid that does not exist, on what does it aim?
It is aming on Israel. Israels existence is what the Antisemites cannot stand.
One question remains: If Klein supports a boycott of Israel, why does she publish and sell her book in Israel?!

Antisemitism and Antizionism: (2) Antisemitism without Antisemites

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The evil of the Shoa is obvious for everyone. Even the most vicious Antisemite has no other choice than to recognize that. Consequently he things that it is Auschwitz that disgraces his Antisemitism. On the other hand it gives him a chance: He can distance himself from the Shoa. That is based on the assumption that someone that condems Auschwitz cannot be an Antisemite. An illusion, but an effective one.

There was Antisemitism long before Auschwitz and among all Antisemitic actions the Shoa is an exception, the anthropogenic catastrophe.
Whether someone condems the Shoa or not does not say anything about his state of mind concerning Antisemitism. On the contrary: The fact that someone unasked has the need to condemn the Shoa, has the need to do this very obvious act and condemn the Shoa, is very close to a proof of his Antisemitism.
Would anybody think that a chauvinist, who argues that a man is allowed to beat his wife but assures everybody that he condemn rape, is not a chauvinist?

But Auschwitz does not only force the Antisemites of today to condemn what goes without saying for every sane persone, it also makes them insist on not being Antisemites, as well something given for everybody who actually is not. They do not want to be called what they are and feel the urge do dissociate themselves from it.

Continue Reading Antisemitism and Antizionism: (2) Antisemitism without Antisemites…

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