The Little General does not like Spain

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The game between Argentina and Germany had been on Shabat so that I could not see. But the Little General did let me know about what happened and she was enthusiastic about it. When I saw it on Sunday morning I could understand. Yesterday the Little General was outraged. She mentioned several times, how she is hating Spain now. And added “beetzem, I hate the Israelis who are with Spain.”

I haven’t been to Germany for some time, so I can only rely on what is going on their by reading the news and by talking to friends, but in recent years international football tournaments have revitalized a public form of German nationalism which you would not have see some years ago by ordinary people.

In the German team there a quite a few Germans with a migration background. This feds up far right nationalists (Nazis) who thing that this is a bad development and which makes them turn away from the national football team. On the other hand also immigrants cheer the team and express nationalism, waving flags etc. This (nationalism) however feds up leftists and causes tensions.


The Arab German Biedermann

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Die Welt Online reported about an incident in Berlin Neukoelln – a district with a high percentage of immigrants from Turkey or the Middle East. The Muhammad family – they have an Arab background – has put a big German flag on their building. Since than they are being harassed by left wing Germans. Somebody tried to burn the flag, somebody broke in the building and cut it of, later a mob of black dressed men appeared and threatened them. Now they – the members of the Muhammad family – stand guard at night to protect the flag.

Apparently these left wing hooligans can’t cope with the fact, that some Arabs behave just like many of the other average German Biedermann, that they just want to be some average German Biedermann. If “the Arab” is not Hezbollah or Hamas and hitchhikes some planes they dislike him.


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“Mondial” that’s the Hebrew word for the World Cup. And while this World Cup is going on I get the impression Israelis favor Germany to some extend; traditionally Israelis support Holland. I watched the Germany-Ghana game at a beach in Tel Aviv, public viewing. And it seemed that everybody wanted Germany to win.

The Little General for sure is a supporter of Germany. Yesterday she sent me updates about the goals while I was sitting in the Yeshiva. And lately the Little General reasoned which of the teams are worth of sympathy. Brazil was out fast, since Brazil built up friendship with Iran lately. Argentina is not popular in her ranking, don’t know why. England, well, England. The English killed an uncle of her when he was a baby, in the 40s, a British soldier took him threw him on the ground; so, no, England is out. Spain, no no, “they are all anti-Semites”, till today. But what about Germany, wasn’t there anything? Sometimes I get the impression, that Israelis feel sorry for Germans; sometimes I have the impression that Israelis feel sorry for the Germans, because the Germans have this terrible past.

The little general

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The little general felt uncomfortable this morning. “The whole world hates us, the whole world are anti-Semites.” I did not know what she was talking about. But then I heard it on the radio too. Several died when Israeli forces took control over some ships aiding for Gaza. The little general ordered me to check what German media is reporting, are they biased, do they report accurate? Well, some are, few do. Mostly they just copied and pasted agency reports. And the foreign minister had the urge to make a statement about proportionality before it was even clear what happened. He did that when even the Israeli media was not clear about what was happened.

Back home after a long day in university (4 hours) I saw the footage of the Israeli forces, showing a mob that tried to lynch Israeli soldiers (or how should I call it when 5 to 10 people beat a person lying on the ground with iron rods?). By the way: what where these rods doing there in the first place? On the ship of “peace/humanitarian/human rights activists”?

The little general did not stop to see the news report. On 4 of 5 Israeli public channels, non-stop. I had enough. I was rebuked, that this is important and that the world needs to know, that this was not Israel’s fault. I insisted that this is what people want to hear and that the truth will not convince them.

Eventually I watched “The Fugitive”. 1993’s blockbuster. And Dr. Kimble still made it. Everybody thought he was guilty and he was sentenced to death. But there were some that did care about the truth and in the end the truth came out of the darkness in which it hides and the one everybody blamed for murder was proven innocent, chaf mipesha.

anti-judaism, anti-semitism, anti-zionism

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I usually do not tend to tell people what to get and read. Everybody wants to do so can go to a nearby library and find what he wants and needs. But recently I stumbled upon some intriguing literature. And given that a considerable part of this blog deals with Anti-Semitism, Anti-Zionism and Radical Islam, I while do so anyway:

Lewis, Bernard. “Semites and anti-Semites,” in Bernard Lewis,”Islam in History.”

Sivan, Emmanuel. “Islamic Fundamentalism and Antisemitism.”

A symposium on antisemitism and Anti-Zionism: held at the van leer Institute, Jerusalem, November 1st, 1982 / chairman: Yehuda Bauer ; lecturers: Shlomo Avineri, Robert Wistrich.

Antisemitism and Antizionism: (3) Antisemitism without Jews

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I talked about todays Antisemitism that seems to get along without Antisemites. At least if you would ask the latter. It is quite understandable that they do not want to be called Antisemites though they are. 

One of the challenging phenomena of Antisemitism is Antisemitism without Jews. Apparently Antisemitism can emerge, exist without Jews. This is not a new phenomenon. Even Herzl wrote about that in Der Judenstaat. Arguing for the need of a Jewish State, stating that emigration to other countries is no solution. Since – even if there are no Jews living yet – the Antisemites are already living there. Continue Reading Antisemitism and Antizionism: (3) Antisemitism without Jews…

“Ethnic cleansings in Jerusalem”

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Yes, indeed: Ethninc cleansings in Jerusalem. When? Now! At least if you listen to Anis, a german-palestinian “artist” and “journalist”.
Encountering the term “ethnic cleansing”, what do you think about? Mass killings? Deportations?

If Anis Hamadeh would be right, all this would be happening in Jerusalem, today. According to him, there is an ethnic cleansing going on today. The victims: the Palestinians. Such and other stupidity he is publishing in a text from early April.

The text includes so much evident falsehood, that calling it biased would be euphemistic. 700 000 Palestinians should have been systematically displaced in 1948.
There is no doubt that Palestinians have been displaced, but that this very action happened planed is a lie. Palestinians – in a situation of chaos, of war – fled. And some were expeled.

But many stayed. Anis does not tell his readers, that there is a big minority of 20% in the Jewish state. He also does not tell his readers, that Jews used to live in the West Bank until 1948. Then – between 1948 and 1967 while under Jordanian control – this area was all of a sudden judenrein. The same about the Old City of Jerusalem. Jews always lived there. But were expelled by the Arabs in 1948 (the Israeli Army only freed Jerusalem in 1967).

So, where an ethnic cleansing was commited?

But what makes Anis’ text disgusting are how he choses his words. For him the Jews are people that kill women and children. He draws a line from the War of Independence to the recent war in Gaze. Always there: The Jew that kills women and children.

Then he starts talking about the future. He predicts, that the Jewish state will collapse like “the aryan state” collapsed. Anis sees “amazing similarities in these two states”. And he goes on with his halluzinations in whiche the Israelis are not far from engaging in the Endlösung (final solution).

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