“Israel threatening with self-defense”

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This actually was a headline in German news magazine Focus in 2006: “Israel droht mit Selbstverteidigung”


Biden at TAU

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I had an invitation and signed up. But when I received the details of the security procedure I decided not to go and rather watch the live stream of Joe Biden’s speech at Tel Aviv University.

The speech was boring and Biden did not say anything new or intriguing. He talked about his father, about his friendship with Israel, mentioned the building plans in a Jewish neighborhood in Jerusalem and condemned it (which was appreciated by the crowd, no wonder at TAU). He did not say anything you would not have heard by Americans or Europeans for the last 10 years.

“identity not clear”

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Yesterday an Israeli Druse was murdered by a Palestinian. That is what the Guardian has to say:

The suspect tried to flee but was quickly apprehended. His identity was not clear. Such attacks were once common in the West Bank, but have become relatively rare as Palestinian forces have increased security over parts of the territory.

JPost gives this information:

Khatib was sitting in his Sufa jeep with the window open when the PA police officer, who was wearing civilian clothes and was later identified as Muhammad Hatib, approached, pulled out a knife and thrust it into Khatib’s chest. (…) IDF sources said the attacker was the head of bureau for the PA’s Ramallah police chief. IDF sources said that the PA police were trained by a European Union organization, based in Ramallah, called the EUPOL COPPS (the EU Police Co-ordinating Office for Palestinian Police Support). EUPOL COPPS representatives were unavailable for comment.

And Ynet:

Palestinian sources in the West Bank town of Jenin reported that a large IDF force raided the home of the terrorist who murdered Sergeant-Major Ihab Khatib (28) at the Tapuach junction on Wednesday. The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit confirmed the report. (…) The terrorist reportedly served as a senior officer in the Palestinian security forces.

Hence, according to the Guardian the story must be like this:

Palestinian forces are securing the West Bank. In the meanwhile an unidentified officers of these very forces kills an Israeli soldier (an effort to secure the West Bank???). And the evil evil Juices rade the very home of this officer of whom it is not clear who he is, but only where he lives, what he is doing for a living and who his close family is.

Just a few weeks ago members of the Palestinian forces murdered an Israeli civilian.



Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad on Wednesday condemned the stabbing of an IDF soldier at the Tapuah checkpoint by a Palestinian police officer. (…) However, one emerging trend is difficult to ignore. Most of the fatal attacks in the West Bank in recent years were carried out by members of Palestinian security forces.

Israelis, settlers and Palestinians

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What happens if Israel’s army shoots three guys that trying to cross from Gaza into Israel to do some rather not nice things? And what happens if Israel’s army shoots the three guys that killed an Israeli last week?

Everybody is enraged and warns that now Israel is risking the fragile peace. Yaacov Lozowick has it in details: here and here.

What is surprising about the terrorists/murderers: they were part of Fatah’s (that are Abbas’ buddies) military wing. Apparently nobody is irritated by that.

True, they signed an agreement they would give up armed struggle for which Israel granted them amnesty. Apparently they had second thoughts.

Moshe Elad argues that Abbas was involved, in some way.

While the journalist let you in the dark about the killed Palestinians affiliations and actions (that would be a murder and an attempt to murder more), they have to tell you that the Israeli who was killed was a settler. Why does that matter? Is killing a settler something else than killing a non-settler?

forgotten palestinians and iran

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the forgotten palestinian refugees

there’s only one way to stop iran

A state

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The PLO has come up with the idea of declaring a Palestinian state. One should wonder, why it took them more than 60 years to come up with that, but that is an old hat.

But the questions remains: How can they declare a state without having sovereignty? Gaza is under the control of Hamas, and most of the West Bank is under the control of the Israeli Army.

In 1948 there was a chance to declare an Arab state in Mandatory Palestine. It was rejected, because the Arabs could not accept a Jewish state in Palestine. Eventually Gaza was ruled by Egypt and the West Bank by Jordan. No attempts by Palestinians were made to gain statehood, or even independence from these Arab states, not even some sort of autonomy. In the war of 1967 Jordan and Egypt lost these territories to Israel and Israel has now the problem that they bring with them.

The PLO can declare a Palestinian state. But what do they gain if this declaration will not be transported to reality?

International morals

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I have some problems with international law. I do not see the system of international law meeting the basic standards a system of law requires to meet. It misses an executive branch to sanction illegal acts, an independent court and there a democratic body (although you do not necessarily need a democratic body) to produce laws.

Therefore I prefer to call it “International Moral”. In moral systems the violation of the moral code is not followed by sanctions sentenced by a body.

Continue Reading International morals…

For some time …

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… I have not written anything on this blog. One reason was that I spent a long summer outside of Israel and ignored almost everything that had to do with Israel in particular and the Middle East in general. Refreshing as it was I will not be able to go on with that for good. But I decided to make some changes concerning this blog. Meaning that I will focus also write about stuff that is not, or not only, or not directly connected to the Arab-Israeli conflict.

A trip through the West Bank

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On Shabes I got up really early, took a Minibus to Jerusalem and from Damascus gate a bus to Ramallah. And from Ramallah a Minibus to Yericho. We pretended to be tourist from Poland and Germany on a visit to the Holy Land.

In Yericho there is not so much to see. They have an old city, but that is not more than a few humps of sand and stones. Maybe interesting for archeologist. There were two Americans (I guess archeology students) who looked intensely on all that sand and apparently saw something in it. I heard one saying something about stairs…. Continue Reading A trip through the West Bank…

George 2U Bush

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Found this on the Freunde der offenen Gesellschaft blog.

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