Der Judenstaat

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I live in a mixed neighborhood. Mixed means that Jews and Arabs are living here (while the term “mixed marriage” in Israel mostly means (or at least used to mean) that an Ashkenazi Jew marries a Sfardi/Mizrachi Jew). About 30 m from where I am sitting now is a mosque. Four times a day I can here the cal for prayer (for whatever reason there is not call before dawn). The carpenter shop where I bought my closet is run by Arabs and Jews together (I think Ahmed is the boss). The Jews are observant. The door of the shop has a mezuza. The mini market where I sometimes shop is run by Arabs who even when they talk to each other use hebrew words. Some time ago I overheard an old Arab couple (the woman was covering her hair) talking Hebrew to each other. Ajami is not far. Everybody here is living his life. Together, in peace. There is sometimes trouble, like there is everywhere. Gentrification makes living more expensive. But that is nothing uncommon anywhere else in the world.

Peace is very easily possible, when just one think is accepted: This is Israel, a country founded by Jews and this will stay Israel, a country founded by Jews.


Biden at TAU

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I had an invitation and signed up. But when I received the details of the security procedure I decided not to go and rather watch the live stream of Joe Biden’s speech at Tel Aviv University.

The speech was boring and Biden did not say anything new or intriguing. He talked about his father, about his friendship with Israel, mentioned the building plans in a Jewish neighborhood in Jerusalem and condemned it (which was appreciated by the crowd, no wonder at TAU). He did not say anything you would not have heard by Americans or Europeans for the last 10 years.


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I wasn”t blogging for quite some time. Some old stuff might come up here first….

Between one and 27 individuals were involved in killing a Hamas terrorist in his hotel room in Dubai, according to the police of the Dubai regime. None of them got caught so far. And they used fake passports, of course.

Still – without any proof at all – the Dubai police accuses Israel for the killing and even asks Israel to help them to identify those involved. But who would expect else from Dubai.

What is striking is the adaption by European journalist. They all take it as taken, that the Hamas terrorist was killed by Israel. Without any proof.

“identity not clear”

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Yesterday an Israeli Druse was murdered by a Palestinian. That is what the Guardian has to say:

The suspect tried to flee but was quickly apprehended. His identity was not clear. Such attacks were once common in the West Bank, but have become relatively rare as Palestinian forces have increased security over parts of the territory.

JPost gives this information:

Khatib was sitting in his Sufa jeep with the window open when the PA police officer, who was wearing civilian clothes and was later identified as Muhammad Hatib, approached, pulled out a knife and thrust it into Khatib’s chest. (…) IDF sources said the attacker was the head of bureau for the PA’s Ramallah police chief. IDF sources said that the PA police were trained by a European Union organization, based in Ramallah, called the EUPOL COPPS (the EU Police Co-ordinating Office for Palestinian Police Support). EUPOL COPPS representatives were unavailable for comment.

And Ynet:

Palestinian sources in the West Bank town of Jenin reported that a large IDF force raided the home of the terrorist who murdered Sergeant-Major Ihab Khatib (28) at the Tapuach junction on Wednesday. The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit confirmed the report. (…) The terrorist reportedly served as a senior officer in the Palestinian security forces.

Hence, according to the Guardian the story must be like this:

Palestinian forces are securing the West Bank. In the meanwhile an unidentified officers of these very forces kills an Israeli soldier (an effort to secure the West Bank???). And the evil evil Juices rade the very home of this officer of whom it is not clear who he is, but only where he lives, what he is doing for a living and who his close family is.

Just a few weeks ago members of the Palestinian forces murdered an Israeli civilian.



Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad on Wednesday condemned the stabbing of an IDF soldier at the Tapuah checkpoint by a Palestinian police officer. (…) However, one emerging trend is difficult to ignore. Most of the fatal attacks in the West Bank in recent years were carried out by members of Palestinian security forces.

Israelis, settlers and Palestinians

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What happens if Israel’s army shoots three guys that trying to cross from Gaza into Israel to do some rather not nice things? And what happens if Israel’s army shoots the three guys that killed an Israeli last week?

Everybody is enraged and warns that now Israel is risking the fragile peace. Yaacov Lozowick has it in details: here and here.

What is surprising about the terrorists/murderers: they were part of Fatah’s (that are Abbas’ buddies) military wing. Apparently nobody is irritated by that.

True, they signed an agreement they would give up armed struggle for which Israel granted them amnesty. Apparently they had second thoughts.

Moshe Elad argues that Abbas was involved, in some way.

While the journalist let you in the dark about the killed Palestinians affiliations and actions (that would be a murder and an attempt to murder more), they have to tell you that the Israeli who was killed was a settler. Why does that matter? Is killing a settler something else than killing a non-settler?

forgotten palestinians and iran

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the forgotten palestinian refugees

there’s only one way to stop iran

anti-judaism, anti-semitism, anti-zionism

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I usually do not tend to tell people what to get and read. Everybody wants to do so can go to a nearby library and find what he wants and needs. But recently I stumbled upon some intriguing literature. And given that a considerable part of this blog deals with Anti-Semitism, Anti-Zionism and Radical Islam, I while do so anyway:

Lewis, Bernard. “Semites and anti-Semites,” in Bernard Lewis,”Islam in History.”

Sivan, Emmanuel. “Islamic Fundamentalism and Antisemitism.”

A symposium on antisemitism and Anti-Zionism: held at the van leer Institute, Jerusalem, November 1st, 1982 / chairman: Yehuda Bauer ; lecturers: Shlomo Avineri, Robert Wistrich.

Radical Islam, the DVD and the VCR

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Radical Islam wants to restore Islamic order. That means that Islam should be the system according to which people in the Muslim world will have to organize their daily life. This was more or less the case for about 1300 years untill the end of the Ottoman Empire. In all these years Islamic society did develope and change. It was far away from being static. Several empires followed each other taking over power with violent means. But: Islam was always dominating the society.

But with the end of the Ottoman Empire and the rise of Nationalism in the Muslim world and the subsequent forming of modern national states this Islamic order ended. Continue Reading Radical Islam, the DVD and the VCR…

ARD and Dershowitz

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1. A link to a almost one year old video by ARD (German state TV channel) concerning last winter’s Gaza war:

00:39-01:02 min: “civilians” with assault rifles

02:05-02:20 min: Palestinian working for German television channel says he is afraid terrorist might fire rockets from his roof

03:40-04:00 min: journalist attacked by Palestinian terrorists

2. Dershowitz on Goldstone.

Swiss minarets

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Yesterday Israeli radio news reported about the vote in Switzerland, banning the building of minarets on mosques. Ironically I was passing the Hassan Bek mosque between central Tel Aviv and Yafo at the very moment. This mosque is located right in the middle of Tel Aviv, next to the beach where yesterday many Muslims were celebrating Eid al Adha. On the other side of the street is the Dolphinarium, a club. In 2001 a Palestinian terrorist killed 21 young Israelis who were waiting in line to enter. There was a rumor that the terrorist did hide in the mosque before he started the murdering. Since he killed himself in the terrorist attack, nobody knows for sure. Continue Reading Swiss minarets…

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